About Me

tumblr_ncdintbg691s5o9hzo1_400Tausha Johnson is a writer, international retreat organizer, and creative writing facilitator. She enjoys the strange, the unsettling, and the unexpected in her prose and poetry. She likes to butcher bad writing. Now and then she’ll murder a protagonist.        Welcome & Beware.

The unkilled version…

Tausha Johnson holds an M.Litt in Creative Writing from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and a Baccalaureate in English Literature from UC Berkeley. She has a long history teaching creative writing throughout Europe, including courses and projects commissioned by the Council of Europe such as Write Now, Write Our Future, Sharp Quills and Literacy Theatre: Using Poetry and Performance in the Adult Workshop. Her poetry and prose have appeared in various online and print publications, most recently HWA Poetry Showcase, Danse Macabre and Vine Leaves Literary Journal. She is the author of Writing Reloaded, a workshop companion for teachers and facilitators. Originally from Idaho, she now lives in Spain, acting as managing director for the non-profit organization Writers & Publishers International and the programme director of The Horror Writer’s Workshop, Transylvania.



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