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Writing Retreats: Unique adventures that will change your writing & your life

We live in a world where we can access all the information we need at the touch of a finger. We take online classes to learn the elements of craft. We attend drop-in workshops and learn how to write a short story, how to creative vibrant characters, and write memorable dialogue. As writers it’s imperative to learn these skills. However in class, we don’t sit down at mealtimes and share our intimate stories and experiences. In class, we don’t talk and write until the wee hours of the morning, promising to hold each other accountable to achieve our goals. Nor will those online courses come knocking on your door in the middle of the night to suggest sneaking into Dracula’s castle together to write a story about the experience. Or a walk on the beach to watch the sun set on the Mediterranean as you discuss possible endings to your novel.


Coordinators Ina & Tausha with Richard Thomas in Transylvania

This is why attending a writers’ retreat is a perfect way to stay focused on your writing while connecting with like-minded people who will support you and bring new energy to your writing. A good retreat will not only give you sufficient time and attention to focus on your work, but it will also invigorate your life.

In my experience the best retreats provide a space where writers can honestly open themselves up, sharing their hopes, dreams and ambitions, even their fears and insecurities. No electronic medium. Just people face-to-face. Real human connection. I truly believe some of our best stories come from the unexpected moments during human interaction. Like sitting on a porch with a dozen writers, drinking homemade lemonade, talking about childhood memories or strange dreams, then having that a-ha moment that leads to hours of non-stop writing.

That’s what retreats can do – they allow us to make connections with other writers which can bring out stories we didn’t know we had in us. Moreover, the intimate nature of retreats can lead to life-long friendships and writing partnerships. I’m not saying this can’t happen in writing groups and circles, it can and those are the groups you want to find. But there’s nothing like living together in a foreign place to give your writing and your life inspiration and a new perspective.

What I’ve discovered about writing retreats is that your writing and support by others who want to see you succeed is the priority. International retreats, in particular, force you to step outside of your comfort zone. New surroundings, new cultures and customs provide a sense of awe and wonder that stimulate your creativity.

Sometimes you have to step out of your familiar surroundings, meet new people and see a new worlds to get that breakthrough. All of this not only motivates and provides ideas that could lead to future writing projects, but the life adventure, well, that’s priceless.

My hope is that whatever retreat you choose, the experience will not only take your writing to new levels, but you’ll leave knowing your life is even better for having participated. Find a good retreat, and you can’t go wrong. It’s a wise investment in your writing and your life.

If you’re interesting in joining me on a writers’ retreat in Spain or Transylvania, please drop me a line at Contact.

I look forward to meeting you!


Sharp Quills Workshop Aguilas, Murcia Spain


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